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Autism Today
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Autism Today is a leading autism workshop and conference provider in Canada and the United States. We host well-recognized and well-received conferences and workshops across north america, inviting Dr. Tony Attwood, Maria Bird-West Wheeler, Carol Gray, Nathan Ory, Catherine Faherty, Dr. Temple Grandin, Dr. Barry Prizant, Stephen Shore, Dr. Jed Baker and other greats to share their wisdom with audiences. These passionate world-class experts provide skill-building opportunities for educators, professionals, parents and people with autism in all areas of the understanding, treatment, and management of autism related disorders.

Autism Today also promotes awareness of autism and Aspergers syndrome issues through its bookstore presence at other workshops and seminars. We enjoy working with other groups to help solve the common problems and misconceptions surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorders while empowering others through our non-profit Canadian based organization called the KEEN Education Foundation.


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